What Is Rental Fox?

Rental Fox is an Australian-based management service, created to help short term rental property managers more efficiently run their business without the need for additional staff or overheads.

Drawing from our experience as short term rental property business managers, we saw an opportunity to provide a supplemental service to our Felix property management software - one that removes many of the day-to-day processes for our clients and gives them more time to spend on business growth.

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How Rental Fox Works

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    First Stop: Felix.

    Felix is our short term property management software ecosystem - it powers Rental Fox - and the first thing we do is bring your entire portfolio onto our platform. Content & listings, selling channels, dynamic rates & payments, guest communication & security, cleaning & maintenance automation, trust accounting: in less than 30 days, you're up and running with Australia's best property management software.

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    Give Us The Keys...

    With your porfolio on Felix, Rental Fox can do its thing: consider us an extended member of your team. We're now managing your rate strategy, chatting to your guests before check-in, processing payments, managing your listings and running your trust accounting.

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    ...But Drive With Us.

    You'll still need to manage your owners, cleaners and maintenance crew, but our software helps you automate so much of the tasks that go with this. You'll also be responsible for guest relations after check-in.

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    Now Focus On Your Business

     With Rental Fox now handling a huge portion of your day-to-day tasks, you now have valuable time to focus on what matters: perfecting your property database, growing your portfolio...and most importantly, finding the right balance between working IN v working ON your business. 

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    The Rest Is Up To You

    We hope you choose to stay with Rental Fox forever. But we also pride ourselves in helping our clients understand how to manage their business better. There may come a point where you run your business so well, you don't need us anymore. Sad, but exciting :) You can always switch to our software-only subscription and hire your own staff to run the day-to-day tasks. That's cool - we'll be here to help you transition smoothly and effectively.


A True Partnership

Rental Fox was born out of necessity. With vast experience in short term property management, we saw the need for a service that goes beyond just the provision of software. We aim to provide our clients with a service that will bring balance and make their day-to-day tasks simpler. But it is something that we cannot do alone. We come into any agreement with the mindset of a true partnership: your success is our success - the better your business does, the better ours does, and so we have a mutually vested interest in ensuring your future growth. We want to help you be the best you can be, and we can only do that together. 

Let Us Superboost Your Business

Partnering with Rental Fox is more than just helping you with the day-to-day managed service. You'll have direct access to our extensive experience and innovation.

  • Daily Tasks

    Advanced Revenue Management

    Our team of experts use powerful tools to out-perform the market and manage your rates smarter and more effectively.

  • Daily Tasks

    Content Management

    We provide end-to-end content listing management, including the building of new listings in Felix and bespoke content creation.

  • Daily Tasks

    Payment Management

    We provide a full booking payment management service, including the taking and chasing of payments, security deposits & refunds.

  • Daily Tasks

    Reservations Team (Pre-arrival)

    Our experienced reservations team deliver your guests to your properties, managing all booking related concerns until the day of arrival.

  • Daily Tasks

    Trust Accounting Preparation

    Our team implement a full end-of-month trust accounting preparation process, ready for you to make disbursements and send statements with just a few clicks. 

  • Business tools

    Owners Portal

    We give owners access to the information they need, reducing the questions they have for you. 

  • Business tools

    SEO Optimised Websites

    With our integrated websites and google vacation rentals connection, we can supercharge your direct bookings and minimise those third-party booking fees.

  • Business Tools

    Daily Checklist

    We have created dynamic, smart and efficient short term rental management checklists for you and your staff to follow to give you more time to focus on growing your business.

  • Business Tools

    Industry Knowledge

    Our team consists of well-experienced property managers, who you can lean on for advice about your business, your properties and the industry at large. We're always here to help.

  • Innovative Tech

    Intelligent Forms

    Our submission forms reduce friction and make collecting property information efficient and accurate.

  • Innovative Tech

    App Integrations

    Rental Fox works side-by-side with your business, and can easily integrate with over 2,000 of your favourite management apps like Google Sheets and Slack.  

  • Innovative Tech

    Custom Solutions

    We are in a technology-driven industry, and our in-house developers are constantly solving problems you may haven't even thought of yet :)

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